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Photos 2024

Panorama of Prague at night
Spring is coming to Prague
Spring in the botanical garden
Historic roofs in Prague
Prague's Kampa in the spring
Spring in Prague's Petrin

Photos 2023

Prague - BW Street
Embankment of the Vltava and Smichov
Prague - New Karlin
Sarka walley in Prague

Photos 2022

Street photos - black and white
Prague's Petrin - spring is coming
Sunny spring day in the Wild Sarka Valley
End of March in the Prokop's Valley
Summer begins in the Prokop's Valley
Summer ends in the Prokop's Valley
Brevnov Monastery in Prague
City Park in Prague

Photos 2021

Autumn panorama of Prague
The colors of the autumn in Petrin Hill
Autumn and fog are coming
Autumn colors seen by iPhone

Photos 2020

Flowers and leaves

Photos 2019

Prague Petrin in autumn
Neruda street in the center of Prague
Cololrs of Autumn
My Orchids
Orchids and Bromelias

Photos 2018

Botanical Garden in Prague
Caste Karlstein
Mobile camera (iPhone X)
Dron MAVIC Air

Photos 2017

Ancient roofs and towers
Modern architecture
Landscape near Prague
Mobile photos 1 (iPhone)
Mobile photos 2 (iPhone)

Photos 2016

Brevnov Monastery in Prague
Autumn mood in Prague
Winter mood in the park
Eastern Bohemia spring
Eastern Bohemia spring 2
Bohdanec Healing Spa
Eastern Bohemia-Slatinany
Krkonose mountains

Photos 2015

Autumn colors
Autumn colors - Stromovka
Autumn colors in the city park
Historical roofs and facades
National Gallery in Prague
Prague kampa
Microwave antenna
BW Street

Photos 2014

Autumn mood in Prague
Petrin Hill in the spring
Towers and clocks
Houses in the sunshine
Baroque statues

Photos 2013

The facade of historic houses
Prokop's Valley in winter
Urban park the summer
Colourful autumn in city park
Field and forest flowers
This year's flood in Prague

Photos 2012

Historic Centre of Prague
Historical Prague Spring
Historical Prague Spring  #2
Prague towers and facades
Spring comes to nature
City and Towers - Spring
Autumn colored landscape
Historic Prague under snow
Peacock - picture study
Autumn Landscape
Historical machines

Photos 2011

Prague in January
Prague in March
Spring is coming
Spring is coming #2
Spring Nature in Prague
Old Town in the summer
Fresh spring leaves
Summer ends in Prague
Summer ends in Prague #2
Autumn Mood in Prague
Prague Marathon 2011
Trade unions protest
Autumn mood
Autumn in Prague park
Fire equipment
Prague Semmering
Historic machines
Ropes and connectors

Photos 2010

Kampa Winter
Prague in the morning mist
Prague in the mist   #2
The roofs of historic Prague
Along the Vltava in Prague
Spring in Prokop's Valley
Autumn in Prokop's Valley
Petrin spring
Autumn Mood
Prague Autumn
Prague Marathon 2010
State Workers Protest
Prague - Winter is Coming
Demolition Liben DOCK
About Children

Photos 2009

Mala Strana - Winter
Old Town in Spring
Centre of the Old Town
Petrin Hill in Spring
Kampa and Mala Strana
View from Vysehrad
Letna Hill and Expo 58
Vltava Embankment
Industrial Palace (1891)
Prague in BW
Prague Corners
Troja Chateau - winter
Pruhonice Chateau
Konopiste Chateau
The Vltava River in Prague
Central Tennis Court
Prokop's Valley
Prokop's Valley - Autumn
Under Barrandov
Prague Marathon 2009
Slalom World Race 2009
Butovice Centrum
Shopping Mall
Historical Tram
The Petrin Funicular
Farmers' Strike March
Farmers' Protest December
Officers protest December

Photos 2008

Old Town - Part 1
Old Town - Part 2
Prague Kampa
Mala Strana - Summer
Mala Strana - Autumn
New Town
Prague - Winter is Coming
Prague - Vystaviste
Budejovicka Buildings
Pankrac Buildings
New Smichov Buildings
Gallery Butovice
Prague 13 - Hurka
Palladium - Shopping Mall
Tram Line to Barrandov